About Me

 I experienced my first wedding and first funeral service within months of each other, when I was five years old. During those early experiences with the joys and sorrows of life, I gained a respect for both which has grown through the decades of my personal lifetime.

Now it is my honor and privilege to play the very important role of officiating at those and other events for other people, and I hold myself to the highest standards in that welcome duty. It would be my honor to preside over your special ceremony, and should you give me that privilege, it is my vow that, in return, I shall be giving you all the time, attention and energy that you so richly deserve.

The ceremonies and rites which mark the passages of time and milestones in our lives are among the most valuable of the "intangible" treasures we possess. Let me help you to create the experiences you want and will cherish forever. Until very recently, I lived in North Wilmington, DE and worked under the name of Carter's Creative Ceremonies, and many of you may first have heard of me as Rev. Terri Carter. I was blessed with a long and happy marriage to Anthony Carter, who, after a 10-year valiant battle with cancer, passed peacefully in my arms on January 10, 2011. Two days before his death, when I told my brave and dear husband that there would be no other after him, that previously-possessive mate of mine pointed at me and said, “You cannot be alone. I will send you someone.” And so he did. One August day, I had a yard sale, and a most-amazing man came and bought $35 worth of history books from me, and we became inseparable soon thereafter. We like to tease that he “bought me for $35.” In so many ways, I truly feel Anthony sent me Don, who is my new husband.

And thus explains the name change to Rev. Terri L. Swadey, and the new web site of www.swadeyssweetceremonies.com. The name has changed, but the earnest eagerness to help create and then complete the perfect, personal ceremony for you has not changed. I am committed to bringing professional experience and honest emotion to your event, be it wedding, commitment ceremony, vow renewal or baby-welcoming/dedication ceremony.

Currently, I live in Claymont, DE with my husband, Don; our two golden retrievers, Sam and Kasi (a rescue from a puppy mill); our elderly mixed-breed, Raisin; and our cat, Edju. We are very happy and hope to make you happy, too!